New ERA of Advertising: Copy Writing in Advertising

Believe it or not, copy writing has become the most important skill ever in this era. The entire business ecosystem has change. In the past, when we want to start a business, we talk about location, people, promotion, packaging, design and so on. But in this pandemic, we all know, location had been eliminated in the formula.

Create A Demand & Purpose

Business nowadays, it not about the product you sell anymore. Is about how you sell the product. How you sell the product is how you write the product. You need to write an influence passage to create a reason for him to buy. When you are writing, I want you to keep a key point in your heart, you are not writing a advertisement, never! You are giving a reason for him to buy. Stop putting testimonial in your short advertisement. If you keep this core message in mind, always make sure the audience finish reading the message, he has a purpose to purchase, a drive. If you can crave this in your head, trust me you will be successful.

One Example, catch people pain point. If your passage manage to touch people pain point, I could say it is catched.

Basic Formula for Copy Writing

AIDA Formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Attention: Catch, a few sentence to catch! This is one of the most important, you have to catch people as I said in previous passage, If this catch can give a purpose or this catch can catch people pain point or this catch can synchornize people!

Interest: Give some thing to develop interest. This is where you insert the value and purpose.

Desire: This is where you finally speak directly point to point. At this point you should have already create a bridge and here is the final push and make them speechless to go forward. And here you can start to give some detail or strength or selling point that strengthen the bridge.

Action: Button or link or store to take action. This is the final step. If the reader reach to this point, congratulation. You succeed!

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