How to Stop Anxiety and Worrying Everyday?

Either You Stop It, or It stops You!

If you are ever be driven to despair, you are not alone. There are so many working adults, with proven capabilities, crying himself at the midnight. There are so many mature adults, losing their day to day motivation.

Questioning about your decision in life, doubting your purpose of existence and worrying about tomorrow.

The kind of anxiety that I’m talking here is not the kind of anxiety referring to the mental disease. But you know what I mean, under various circumstances in life, we accumulating fear, stress and worrying leads to the kind of anxiety I’m referring here. WE are just got beaten by the reality in life. And of course, what we do when we face problem in this era? We open up google and look for solutions. This is the proactive action everyone of us will take as Millennial. I suppose you are born between 1980-2000 as you came across this message. Because I because at this age, we are at the peak of stress, peak of sensitive decision. We are at the time of most confusing about our lives, at the time of most doubtful about everything, and at the time we have highest degree of burden. At this age, we not living for ourselves, but we are living for somebody or something else.

I Have Been There

I’m saying this because I just crossed that stage. Well, not really crossed, I’m at that stage. I was working at oil rigs, aways from my family alone and in return I got a big cheque every month. I have been going through the life of working 11 months a year, 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. I cant remember how many times I was crying on the taxi to airport. I always in doubt with my life and my decision. I knew there is something wrong when I’m encountering something serious when I’m encounter heart beat increased, loss of apatite, not able to get asleep and worrying too much about everyday life. Don’t try to ask me what am I worrying about. I don’t know. It just a worry comes from no where. But I know my environment is sucks. Everything is bad, working environment is bad, superior is bad, everyone is bad. The kind of helplessness is killing me everyday. I cant get up to work everyday, I cant send the email I’m suppose to send. I’m hesitating in whatever thing. And this has really kill my productivity as well, I know if this continue to progress in such a way, eventually everything of mine is gonna end. I might have ended my career leading myself to a even more dangerous cliff. From there, more devastating stuff could have happened.

One day, I walked across airport like I use to do. I went into one book store just to grab a book or two to just read before sleep so I can sleep more easily. I came across this book that really fit my need. It has helped me to go through this difficult period. After reading this book, not just once, as mentioned in the book, I reviewed it like a ‘handbook’, and with time progresss and use this book as a handbook, I can start in my day. Living in the moment I’m living. I cannot express too much on that kind of lifting in my feeling. It just feel that today now is different with the day before. Can you imagine, when things happen, our emotion is no longer react that negatively. I thought before it was normal to react so badly to feel so suck and to feel like dying when bad things happen. It is not! Normal people dont feel like dying and normal feel hope everyday. If you are not feeling hopeful everyday, you have something wrong! Believe me! I have been there!

I really want to share this with you with sincerity

I will spend sometime to share with you the component I acquire from this book. I will take my time to share how I use this book. Yes, I’m going to recommend you this book here ‘How to stop worrying and start living -Dale Carnegie ‘. If the writer sounds familiar to you, yes you are right, he is the writer who wrote ‘ How to win friends and influence people ‘. This is the solution I made my everyday from worst to bad, from bad to slightly better. This is one of my drive to set up this page. To teach people manage life beter.

But before you go and proceed, there are several rules imposed by the writer to use this book effectively. Only buy this book if you are able to promise to follow these. I mentioned before, this a handbook, not a book you finish reading and you will acquire everything. Just like an engineering handbook, we don’t memorize all the formula and values, but we will always go back to the handbook when we need. Same like this book, to utilize this book, we need to have a copy of this book, highlight the important point, go back to it. And when you are reading the book, do not read fast, read like you are reading a science book as well, you need to understand the principle like any science theories. But that is not enough, you need to read the examples, and correlate to your life. Understanding the principle and able to picture it to your real life, your real experience, that how it works. It just analogy to how people good at engineering, apply and relate the theories into everyday life and when it is needed, these knowledge will come out naturally and sort you out. When we face a problem, the problem won’t tell you what theories or principle to use to tackle the problem. If you comprehend it well and make them connected, when you see a problem, the things that you can do will jus merge themselves.

Come back to the rules that the writer said about the suggestion to get most out of this book, please I need you to really commit on this:

9 Rules to COMMIT:

1) Develop deep, driving desire to master the principle to conquer worrying. You are the master of yourself and your desire is the fuel of anything.
2) Read each chapter twice before going next. By all mean, take your time to read each stories, sentence, analogy and principle. Read, digest and relate to your life.
3) Stop frequently when you are reading and ask yourself how to use it. Remember only after it is applied to your life it is counted. True that some might not be relevant and not applicable this is where you screen out. But really really take a deep thought of it.
4) Underscore important idea. You want to be able to look back easily and notice the important point relevant to you easily when you come back later as we said, it is a handbook.
5) Review this book each month
6) Use as working handbook, by all mean, come back everytime you worry and look for solution inside.
7) Share your learning and applying with friends. Ask your friend to monitor your changes and remind you of the principles when your feeling is coming.
8) Check up and keep track of lesson learnt. If you made mistake in applying, record and ask yourself why and what triggered the failure.
9) Keep Diary.

If you really into stuff

By all mean, if you are willing to commit to all these. If you are dedicate to make a change in your life. if you are really want to make an attempt to change the anxiety feeling. if you want to get back the motivation you use to have and you believe you are not experiencing some normal feeling. Here below, you can get this book through this link. I want you to get a hardcopy. I want you to work it like a handbook. And come back to me what changes you as part of number 9. I’m living a more optimistic life now. I want you as well to have this better life.

You may buy this book thorough this link:

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