Who We Are?

Our Site is a collection of amazing wisdom, stories, lessons, review to help people to strive for survival and outperform in workplace.

We all know that the workplace competition is extreme stiff. Aside from usual competition, often they are accompanied with office politics. We all have been there where we are encountering desperation, frustration and confusion hesitation. We are in a strong doubt on one’s choice. Regrets and Losses often something we are thinking of at the midnight. 

We want empower our readers with the wisdom that we have in the in collection whether mentally, emotionally or physically. We believe with sufficient resources, we can go through the darkest hour. With the increase in capacity through the emulsion of the wisdom from various mentors and great people, we are able to shine and acquire the confident not just in workplace, but is the life journey. Resources and mentors are everywhere, with this era where there is no border of information, they have been infuse into various form. Whether it is videos, audio, words or any other form. Believe it or not, there have always been people who are a better learner through words.

I am a believer that wisdom is acquire through books, extract the meaningful line and point, think over it, digest it, and correlate it to the practical environment. That’s how we really acquire the wisdom of these great people.

Moreover, there are plenty valuable wisdom, intelligent and perception which was inherent from the ancient chinese. These are the treasure that we like really like to share. Their words and wisdoms have been spreading for thousand years and have been practices by many of the business man, entrepreneur, politician and etc. Such as The Art of War, The Analect and etc.

Our Mission

We want people to acquire these powerful tools and succeed to achieve their goals.

If one day, someone come back to us and say we had helped them 5% towards their hustling to their goals, we consider we had achieve our objectives.