Hello World. I'm a Drilling Engineer.

I want to share you my world. I will share you how does it feel like working as a drilling engineer, working in Oil & Gas, one of the most demanding industry, and some believe it is the most profitable industry to work in.

I am telling you, this is not a journey of what you think. Along the journey, I had learnt a lot and I wish someone know how it is before they are entering this industry. I assure you, this is definitely a good industry to with with, but it is depending of what you are sourcing in your life. I want to ensure you know what you want and you know what is your game plan along the journey.


I Work on the Upstream.

There have been many topics I know people have been curious about and people have been living through and myself have been living through. I know how it looks and takes in reality. To the petroleum engineer out there or someone entering upstream, I wish I can give you valuable information by sharing what I know, what I feel and what I have been through.

Drilling Operation

Drilling Operation is a complicated process. It is completed with the services from various party. It takes days, months and year to build one well. This is a Big Industry.


If you want to understand drilling operation, you need to start understand that there are 3 main roles in general. Ask yourself which category each company is falling into. You have ‘Operator’, ‘Service Provider’, ‘Rig Contractor. Stay tuned and I will explain more in following.

Office vs Field

As I am working on Drilling Engineering, I had chance to work in the rigsite as a Company man or some call drilling supervisor. It is definitely different lifestyle if one opt to work in field or office. Many times, after some years in the field, you will have an opportunity to work in the office. This is one point people have to make a difficult decision and definitely this decision will change your life after. Read more why I said so.

Jonathan Fox

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About Me

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